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Forecasting VaR Using Analytic Higher Moments fo.. [Alexander, Carol][Lazar, Emese][Stanescu, Silvia] 6-20-2014
Robust and Practical Estimation for Measures of .. [Homescu, Cristian] 6-20-2014
Simultaneously Discovering and Quantifying Risk .. [Bao, Yang][Datta, Anindya] 6-15-2014
Estimation of Extreme Depth-Based Quantile Regio.. [Einmahl, John H.J.][He, Yi] 6-15-2014
Improving Density Forecasts and Value-at-Risk Es.. [Opschoor, Anne][van Dijk, Dick][van der Wel, Michel] 6-15-2014
Asymmetric Increasing Trends in Dependence in In.. [Okimoto, Tatsuyoshi] 6-15-2014
Set-Valued Shortfall and Divergence Risk Measure.. [Hamel, Andreas H.][Rudloff, Birgit][Ararat, Cagin] 6-8-2014
A Survey of Systemic Risk Measures: Methodology.. [Uchida, Yoshihiko][Hattori, Akio][Kikuchi, Kentaro][Niwa, Fuminori] 6-8-2014
Network Topologies of Financial Market During th.. [Nobi, Ashadun][Maeng, Seong Eun][Ha, Gyeong Gyun][Lee, Jae Woo] 6-7-2014
Regime-dependent Robust Risk Measures with Appli.. [Chen, Zhiping][Liu, Jia] 6-7-2014
Cheap Talk and Decision Making in Financial Inst.. [Gründl, Helmut][Höring, Dirk] 6-7-2014
Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Selection Methods for .. [Leherisse, Vincent][Lavaud, Sophie] 6-7-2014
Model Uncertainty and Scenario Aggregation [Filipovic, Damir][Cambou, Mathieu] 6-2-2014
Determinants of Systemic Importance [Moore, Kyle][Zhou, Chen] 5-31-2014
Measuring Systemic Risk in the European Banking .. [Nomikos, Nikos][Karimalis, Emmanouil] 5-31-2014
A Note on Nonparametric Estimation of Bivariate .. [Bucher, Axel] 5-31-2014
When the U.S. Stock Market Becomes Extreme? [Aboura, Sofiane] 5-31-2014
Diversification and Systemic Risk [Raffestin, Louis] 5-31-2014
Using Financial Risk Measures for Analyzing Gene.. [Takeda, Akiko][Kanamori, Takafumi] 5-31-2014
Bregman superquantiles: Estimation methods and a.. [Gamboa, Fabrice][Garivier, Aurelien][Iooss, Bertrand][Labopin-Richard, Tatiana] 5-31-2014
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