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Histogram-Valued Data on Value at Risk Measures:.. [Terraza, Virginie][Toque, Carole] 6-29-2014
Optimal Management of DC Pension Plan under Loss.. [Guan, Guohui][Liang, Zongxia] 6-29-2014
A Fast, Accurate Method for Value-at-Risk and Ex.. [Krause, Jochen][Paolella, Marc S.] 6-25-2014
On Some Properties of Two Vector-Valued VaR and .. [Hurlimann, Werner] 6-22-2014
Improving Density Forecasts and Value-at-Risk Es.. [Opschoor, Anne][van Dijk, Dick][van der Wel, Michel] 6-15-2014
Set-Valued Shortfall and Divergence Risk Measure.. [Hamel, Andreas H.][Rudloff, Birgit][Ararat, Cagin] 6-8-2014
Portfolio Optimization with a Copula-Based Exten.. [Krzemienowski, Adam][Szymczyk, Sylwia] 5-26-2014
Cornish-Fisher Expansion for Real Estate Value a.. [Amédée-Manesme, Charles-Olivier][Barthélémy, Fabrice] 5-26-2014
Robust Variants of Cornish-Fischer Approximation.. [Hurlimann, Werner] 5-26-2014
Market Value-at-Risk: ROM Simulation, Cornish-Fi.. [Hurlimann, Werner] 5-26-2014
Value-at-Risk vs. Expected Shortfall: Beware of .. [Koch-Medina, Pablo][Antal, Peter] 5-23-2014
Calculating the Funding Valuation Adjustment (FV.. [Kenyon, Chris][Green, Andrew] 5-18-2014
Value-at-Risk Based on Extreme Value Theory Meth.. [Avdulaj, Krenar] 5-14-2014
Testing the Applicability of Parametric and Nonp.. [Radivojevic, Nikola][Milojkovic, Dragana][Stojkovic, Dragan] 5-13-2014
Testing Applicability of Value at Risk Models in.. [Barjaktarovic, Lidija][Terzic, Ivica][Milojevic, Marko] 5-13-2014
The Application of the Method Environmental Valu.. [Piciu, Gabriela] 5-1-2014
Value at Risk (VaR) Backtesting Techniques and P.. [Shirazi, Ali] 4-24-2014
Portfolio Choice Problem with the Value-at-Risk .. [Zabolotskyy, Tara][Bodnar, Taras][Vitlinskyy, V.V.] 4-21-2014
Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall of Firms in.. [Iglesias, Emma M.] 4-21-2014
Value at Risk Estimation with Entropy-Based Wave.. [He, Kaijian][Zou, Yingchao][Wang, Lijun][Lai, Kin Keung] 4-21-2014
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