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Parallel Computation of Value at Risk Using Delt.. [Zhang, Nan][Man, Ka Lok][Lim, Eng Gee] 4-13-2014
Scaling Laws: A Viable Alternative to Value at R.. [Chopping, Thomas] 4-9-2014
Fuzzy Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall for P.. [Moussa, A. Mbairadjim][Sadefo-Kamdem, Jules][Terraza, Michel] 4-5-2014
Value-at-Risk Computations in Stochastic Volatil.. [Luetkebohmert, Eva][Matchie, Lydienne] 3-24-2014
Modeling Clusters of Extreme Values [Markovich, Natalia M.] 3-24-2014
Generalized Hyperbolic Distributinos and Value-a.. [Huang, Chun-Kai][Chinhamu, Knowledge][Huang, Chun-Sung][Hammujuddy, Jahvaid] 3-9-2014
Statistical Evaluation of Value at Risk Models f.. [Asfaha, Tesfalidet][Desmond, Anthony F.][Hailu, Getu][Singh, Radhey] 3-2-2014
Liquidity-Adjusted Intraday Value at Risk Modeli.. [Dionne, M. Georges][Pacurar, Maria][Zhou, Xiaozhou] 2-22-2014
Conditional Value-at-Risk Approximation to Value.. [Hong, Liu Jeff][Hu, Zhaolin][Zhang, Liwei] 2-17-2014
Long Memory Behavior in the Returns of the Mexic.. [Lopez Herrera, Francisco][Ortiz, Edgar][de Jesus, Raul] 2-17-2014
Evaluation of Value-at-Risk Estimation Using Lon.. [Sethapramote, Yuthana][Prukumpai, Suthawan][Kanyamee, Tiwa] 2-17-2014
From Risk-Based Betas to Value-at-Risk: Estimati.. [Rombolotti, Alessio] 2-16-2014
Optimizing Fuzzy p-Hub Center Problem with Gener.. [Liu, YanKui][Yang, Guoqing][Yang, Kai] 2-10-2014
Risk Disclosure, Risk Management, and Bank Value.. [Chen, Sheng-Hung][Lee, Tung-Chin] 2-1-2014
Multifractality and Value-at-Risk Forecasting of.. [Batten, Jonathan A.][Kinateder, Harald][Wagner, Niklas] 1-26-2014
Value at Risk of Non-Normal Portfolios [Perote, Javier] 1-26-2014
Measuring Liquidity Risk in an Emerging Market: .. [Emna, Rouetbi][Chokri, Mamoghli] 1-12-2014
Using Value-at-Risk to Evaluate Financial Return.. [Braione, Manuela][Scholtes, Nicolas K.] 1-6-2014
Why does Skewness and the Fat-Tail Effect Influe.. [Su, Jung-Bin][Lee, Ming-Chih][Chiu, Chien-Liang] 1-1-2014
Managing Market Risk with VaR (Value at Risk) [Angelovska, Julijana] 12-30-2013
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