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Extreme Value Theory and Application to Market S.. [Glantz, Morton][Kissell, Robert] 12-27-2013
Evaluating the Performance of the Skewed Distrib.. [Abad, Pilar][Benito, Sonia][Sanchez Granero, Miguel Angel] 12-24-2013
Understanding the Estimation Risks of Value at R.. [Chambers, Donald R.][Kelly, Michael A.][Lu, Qin] 12-22-2013
Value at Risk Methodology for Measuring Performa.. [Sahi, Anu][Pahuja, Anurag][Dogra, Balram] 12-21-2013
To Compute the Oil Market Value at Risk by Apply.. [Feng, Chunshan][Wu, Jiachun][Jiang, Fu] 12-14-2013
Analysis of Oil Price Value at Risk Using Bayesi.. [Chen, Lei][Tu, Anthony H.][Zeng, Yong] 12-14-2013
Evaluating the accuracy of value-at-risk forecas.. [Leccadito, Arturo][Urga, Giovanni][Boffelli, Simona] 12-8-2013
Value-at-Risk Backtesting Procedures Based on Lo.. [Piontek, Krzysztof] 11-30-2013
Value-at-Risk Bounds with Variance Constraints [Bernard, Carole][Rueschendorf, Ludger][Vanduffel, Steven] 11-29-2013
A New Variance Reduction Technique for Estimatin.. [Korn, Ralf][Pupashenko, Mykhailo] 11-25-2013
Value at Risk [Linsmeier, Thomas][Pearson, Neil D.] 11-21-2013
Mitigating Procyclicality in Basel II: A Value a.. [Roesch, Daniel] 11-21-2013
Consistent Estimation of the Value-at-Risk when .. [el Ghourabi, Mohamed][Francq, C_hristian][Telmoudi, Fedya] 11-10-2013
Back-testing Value at Risk Models on Indian Stoc.. [Iyer, Suresh A.S.][Mittal, Shagun] 11-3-2013
Evaluation of Value at Risk Models: The New Scie.. [Naidu, P.A.] 11-3-2013
A Bayesian Approach to Extreme Value Estimation .. [Ergashev, Bakhodir][Mittnik, Stefan][Sekeris, Evan] 11-2-2013
Superquantile Regression with Applications to Bu.. [Rockafellar, R. Tyrrell][Royset, Johannes O.][Miranda, Sofia] 11-2-2013
Bivariate Lower and Upper Orthant Value-at-Risk [Cossette, Hélène][Mailhot, Mélina][Marceau, Étienne][Mesfioui, Mhamed] 11-2-2013
The Role Of Value At Risk In The Management Of A.. [Petria, Nicolae][Zapodeanu, Daniela][Cociuba, Mihail Ioan] 10-27-2013
Essays on the Economic Value of Intraday Covaria.. [Liu, Wei] 10-13-2013
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