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Introduction to the Theory of Probabilistic Func.. [Uryasev, Stanislav] 8-24-2002
Value-at-Risk Modeling Refined [Van Deventer, Donald R.][Levin, Jonathan W.] 8-23-2002
Market Risk Management of Banks: Implications fr.. [Wong, Michael Chak Sham][Cheng, W.Y.][Wong, C.Y.P.] 8-20-2002
Value-at-Risk estimation for dynamic hedging [Yamada, Yuji][Primbs, James] 8-20-2002
The Market Risk Amendment: Understanding the Mar.. [Chorafas, Dimitris N.] 8-6-2002
Measuring Market Risk With Value-At-Risk [Penza, Pietro][Bansal, Vipul] 8-4-2002
Credit Risk Measurement: New Approaches to Value.. [Saunders, Anthony] 8-4-2002
Conditional Value-at-Risk for General Loss Distr.. [Rockafellar, R. Tyrrell][Uryasev, Stanislav] 7-30-2002
Remarks on the value-at-risk and the conditional.. [Pflug, Georg] 7-30-2002
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