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Calibrating the CreditMetrics Correlation Concept for Non-publicly Traded Corporations - Empirical E
Year Of Publication: 2003
Month Of Publication: July
Pages: 29
Download Count: 595
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Comment Num: 0
Language: EN
Who Can Read: Free
Date: 6-11-2006
Publisher: Administrator
This paper deals with the problem of empirically calibrating the CreditMetricsTM correlationconcept for a portfolio of loans to non-publicly-traded firms. Using this framework to determinethe probabilities of joint default events, requires an estimation of the portion of the obligors’ assetreturn volatility that is firm-specific (idiosyncratic). Whenever the bank’s obligors in thecredit portfolio under consideration are companies listed on a stock exchange, this can – in principle– be achieved by regressing individual stock returns on the returns of an appropriatelycomposed industry index. The resulting coefficient of determination (R-squared) for each companycan be interpreted as an estimate of the portion of return variation that is not firm-specific(systematic), i. e. caused by underlying factors which affect the firm’s industry as a whole. Butin the case of non-listed obligor firms, which is typical of many medium-sized enterprises inGermany (the so-called “Mittelstand”), this regression model cannot be fitted because of lackingstock price data. We analyze, how the solution to this problem currently offered in CreditManagerTM,which basically relates the weight of the idiosyncratic component to company size, canbe adapted to this case. We show that there is no empirically valid relationship between Rsquaredand market capitalization (book value of total assets) left, if those German stocks, whichare the heavy-weights in their CDAX? industry indices, are excluded from our random sample.Therefore, we suggest that a reasonable calibration of the CreditMetricsTM index model for Germannon-listed corporate obligors should do without a reference to compan
Hahnenstein, Lutz Sign in to follow this author
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