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Date: 2-15-2010 Author:John Cassidy  Visits: 931 Scapegoating will not stop another crisis Now, I enjoy rehashing what happened as much as anybody. But blaming individuals does not help us explain the blow-up or figure out how to prevent another. Setting aside Bernard Madoff and other...
Date: 2-14-2010 Author:The Economist  Visits: 878 A better black-swan repellent THE annual gathering of the Global Association of Risk Professionals, held this week in New York, had as its theme “Transforming Risk in a New World Order”. Outwardly confident they ...
Date: 1-31-2010 Author:Lex  Visits: 1162 Value at risk Measurements of value at risk are like snowflakes – no two are alike. That makes life tricky for investors and regulators currently obsessing about risk because Var is one of the...
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